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Eurico Sa Fernandes

Versatile Brazilian designer, typographer, photographer and artist Eurico Sa Fernandes, has an inspirational amount of patience and dedication for his work. Many of his featured projects include hand-dranw typography, carefully crafted and well utilized. I also enjoyed a peek into his sketchbook and custom illustration, which are witty and often funny.

See his portfolio here.


weekly stimuli – vol. 18

Here’s the newest installment of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the images after the jump!

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Jason Polan – Every Person in NY

Jason Polan, a professional illustrator and artist, has taken on an ambitious and some would say, impossible project. He is attempting to draw a portrait of every person in New York City. You can witness his efforts at his blog which he updates every day with image after image of everyday people doing all sorts of things. Jason’s strategy is quite simple, he sits in public spaces or restaurants or parks and sketches who he sees around him.

You can follow his progress here.

And be sure to watch this MoMA 30-second film of Jason in action here.