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Cedrik Delsaux – The Dark Lens

I will always have a special place in my heart for Star Wars (the original trilogy, that is). And so does, apparently, photographer Cedrik Delsaux, as exhibited in additions to his Dark Lens series. Cedrik has traveled to the Middle East, with areas of vast construction and windswept vistas and inserted characters, machines and vehicles from the storied movies into the images to give them even more of an otherworldly feel. Is it Dubai or Tatooine?

Visit Cedrik Delsaux’s portfolio here.


Darth Vader Project

100 Artists and designers are participating in this year’s edition of the Darth Vader Project, an annual showcase of talent by way of remixing or re-envisioning the iconic villain’s headpiece. This year’s auction includes works by Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Dalek, Marc Ecko, Paul Frank and many more.

Read more about the project and see more of the helmets here.