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Ricardo Gonzalez Garcia

Patterns, structures and environments come crashing together in the surrealist aftermath paintings by Ricardo Gonzalez Garcia. Ricardo describes his works as a meeting ground of multiple dimensions and I couldn’t agree more. Rooms and architectural elements dissolve into flat, 2D spaces inhabited by color swashes and detailed ornamentation which gives the works a woozy, dream-like quality.

Visit Ricardo Gonzalez Garcia’s portfolio here.


Film – Nobuhiko Obayashi’s “House” (1977)

A witch cat, a murderous spirit of a deceased Aunt, her possessed house of horrors and group of young girls led by sisters named Gorgeous and Fantasy make up the main characters in the recently re-released Criterion Collection pressing of Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 horror film, House. But what I found even more remarkable and was, evidently, unprepared for, were the pure pop fantasy and surreal directing and cinematography. Cartoonish animation, symbolic rivers of blood, mountains of severed body parts, and tons of demonic glowing eyes often inhabit the same scenes and even the same shot. Quick flashes and strobe-light editing along with bold uses of color also create a nightmarish mirage of kaleidoscopic experiences as you watch these young heroines fight for their lives within this crazy fever dream of sequences.

I highly recommend sitting back, ignoring any pretense of narrative or story arc you may attempt to form and simply allow the visuals to wash over you. They may be bizarre, and sometimes unintentionally hilarious, but they are always well crafted and come from a highly creative place.

Check of some screen grabs and the trailer after the jump!

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Susanna Majuri – Underwater Dream World

Helsinki based artist/photographer Sussanna Majuri‘s newest collection entitled “Underwater Dream World” is a surreal journey that attempts to bridge the landscapes of the unconscious with that of the natural world.

From her Artist Statement (translated to english): “The water is the most remarkable. It carries bodies. Water is colour. The shimmer and the deep green. My challenge is to see the reality in a non-traditional light. When I am shooting pictures, I have a premonition that something strange is about to happen.”

Read the full statement here, and see even more of her collection here.

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Betsy Watson

Artist Betsy Watson creates surreal, highly detailed fantasy worlds that I really admire. They lie somewhere between primitive folk-art and ancient religious renderings, with figures engaged in magical surroundings or communicating without words.

You can see more of her great work here and check out the shop while you are there for affordable prints!