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Fauxgo (faux-logo) tumbler

The Fauxgo tumbler, curated and run by the very talented designer and illustrator Tymn Armstrong, focuses solely on “symbols or other small design created to represent a fictional company that exists only on film.” Pop culture nerds (me included) will definitely recognize Monsters Inc., Buy N Large from Wall-E, and other great celluloid corporate design. And best of all, Tymn assures me via Twitter, that one of my favorite faux-corporations, the evil quasi governing empire, Weyland-Yutani from the Alien films, will be added very soon!

Visit Fauxgo here.


9 Eyes tumblr

They say “truth is stranger than fiction”, and indeed Jon Rafman’s 9 Eyes Tumbler is not only showcasing the strange, but also the intensely beautiful. The images on his tumblr are taken directly from google street views from around the world, showing the best (and sometimes worst) pictures of our everyday lives and landscapes.

Visit 9 Eyes here.