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MTV – 2010 VMAs

Besides tuning in to see the ridiculous outfits, hosts and presenting pairings, I enjoy the annual Video Music Awards on MTV for their on-air graphics and set designs. While their graphics have slipped drastically since it’s hey-day in the mid-90’s (remember all the different themes every year, the cherry-Tokyo pop, and folding origami logotypes?) the set designs, arguably, have been getting more and more interesting. This year’s was, in my opinion, the best I have seen so far. One main stage, itself an enormous radial bank of LED lights, framed by equally impressive organic columns that crested into leaf-like shapes, that formed a kind of contemporary pop-pantheon for the energetic performances. Also impressive was the back wall screens, seamlessly allowing for full theater images that instantly set the tone and mood for the acts. It was clean, elegant and thoroughly state-of-the-art, not exactly qualities I would have associated with MTV these days.

Try and catch some of the performances on repeat on MTV or at their website here.

Christina Perry – Madmen posters

It’s no secret that I love Madmen, what creative worth their salt doesn’t? These posters designed and created by Christina Perry are a clever way to showcase the male leads. Well done.

You can see more of Christina’s work and purchase the posters here.

weekly stimuli – vol. 13

Here’s the latest installment of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the images after the jump!

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