Carnovsky – RGB

Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, also known as the collective Carnovsky, recently created a line of wallpapers for famous Italian wall coverings house  Jannelli & Volpi, and the result, RGB, is a clever line of illustrative graphics designed to capture “transition”. Using separate layers of red, green and blue, overlapping visuals appear chaotic and haphazard in regular daylight, but when exposed to the right color spectrum, isolated layers can be exposed while others disappear, creating a dramatic and potentially animated background.

Visit Carnovsky’s RGB portfolio here.

(thanks to my friend Josh for showing these to me!)

42 responses to “Carnovsky – RGB

  1. Okay, I want that in my room! LOL.

  2. Unbelievably cool!

    And how much, exactly, would such a “roll” of wallpaper cost? Or is this even available to us laypeople?


  3. I love it! Very clever idea.

  4. Love it!
    I’m going to Australia in January as an exchange student. I’m from Norway by the way. I just started my blog, please comment!

  5. you shouldve warned me, i wouldve taken some kind of hallucinogenic drug before looking at those pics!

  6. Wow! Do you think these might be available here in Haiti? Yeah–I know–probably not!

  7. Really cool, love the different layers of colors that gives the painting depth and dimension. Thanks for sharing. And congrats in making to Freshly Pressed.

  8. Very, very cool!!!



  9. I love it, don’t know where I’d use it, but I love it just the same. Super cool idea. Thanks for sharing, and Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  10. The fish idea is amazing. I like the style and aesthetics of the other designs I just wouldn’t want it on my entire wall. Awesome, la cantidad de dinero para el fondo de pantalla?

  11. Absolutely fascinating! I’ve seen a number of large lithographs of Vesalius’ De corporis humani fabric libri septem at schools and museums, but this beats all! Well, beats all, but NOT for my bedroom wall – though perhaps the study? Mmmm, maybe, maybe not, eh? Thank you for sharing, and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  12. spiritrider

    That looks absolutely Awesome!

    Superb work.

  13. While artistically remarkable, I think those wallpapers would give me psychedelic dreams, if I stared at them day after day 😉


  14. Sunflowerdiva

    Oh my gosh. When I redo my room, I want that!!!!!

  15. very cool and simple! Using the light to show different parts of the prints! This is great proof of how light colours work.


    Que idea tan original. Sin embargo, por los colores que usa en la combinación de escenas y por el hecho de la visualización simultánea de ambas escenas por la vista humana, les invitaría a que las vieran a través de un par de filtros de papel “celophan” (celophan sheets) coloridas con colores magenta y azul, para que disfruten el efecto 3D que se produce en los cuadros referidos. Eso nos remontaría a los albores de la exploración de imágenes en 3D, inventadas en el primer tercio del siglo XX pasado. Mucho éxito, pintor.

  17. No offense, I think the last picture is a little scary….

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  19. Fantastic concept really visually contemporary. Like the choice of images and the way they stand together or eclectically apart.

  20. The minute I saw this on the Freshly Pressed page I knew I had to click it! All I have to say is “WOAAAH!!!” This is absolutely wicked! I think I’d trip out walking into my room even without the hallucinogen effect of drugs! LOL I want one of these! …Although I can only imagine how much it would cost and it’s not a pretty sight! 😛

  21. I like it best when they’re all jumbled together…which I suppose defeats the point a little bit. >.>

  22. It’s wonderful, brilliant, electrifying… However, as much as I love color, it might be too overwhelming to have in a room that is frequented in your home. I could see this in a commercial building or on one wall of a doctor’s office waiting room or such, in a club or a restaurant–perhaps with a different graphic, like food items or giant cutlery–etc. And I’d be interested to know what the emotional and psychological effects it would have on a person after being in it’s presence for a few hours. But I do love it.

  23. Inspiration is found in these works. Thanks for putting them in front of my eyes.

  24. Are these wallpapers only available in Italy? I think they’re absolutely stunning and unique (in the best way possible). It’s like you could have an art gallery in your living room. Check + 🙂

  25. photographyisme

    Wow that’s pretty awesome! Where can I get mine? 🙂

  26. Really cool, I love these! Looking forward to reading more of your work…C

  27. This is so nice! I want to have this in my room!

  28. This is amazing. Very modern, very creative. I’ve seen a lot of works in RGB graphics, but the fact that the right color spectrum exposes a certain color layer is what amazes me the most. I would definitely want a wallpaper like that!

  29. I love your style. Very good illustration. I love it.

  30. niiice colors 🙂


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